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Shiny Garage Wet Protector



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Shiny Garage Wet Protector

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Shiny Garage Wet Protector

Introducing Wet Protector – a revolutionary product that safeguards paint during wet conditions.

With its unique blend of nanoparticles, polymers, and SiO2, it quickly enhances hydrophobic properties

and provides long-term protection to your paintwork. When exposed to water, it forms strong,

lasting bonds with the surface, creating an impervious, durable coating.

You can use it to boost the hydrophobic properties of waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings, or as a stand-alone LSP.

For best results, use it on water surfaces. Trust Wet Protector to keep your paintwork safe and looking its best.

high durability (up to 10 washes)
high hydrophobicity
ingredients softening water, inhibiting the formation of stains
Fragrance: perfumed

How to use :

Make sure the surface is cool
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Wash the car thoroughly.
Apply to a damp surface with an atomizer.
Rinse with water under pressure.
Dry the car thoroughly.
Available capacities: 500ml, 1L, 5L

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0.5L, 1L, 5L


Shiny Garage

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