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Shiny Garage D-Tox gel deironizer



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Shiny Garage D-Tox gel deironizer


Shiny Garage D-Tox gel deironizer

D-Tox gel deironizer is a product that removes metallic impurities.

Easily removes etched rust and metal particles from painted surfaces, glass,

rubber and chrome. Perfect for pre-cleaning the paintwork.

There is a reaction during application that causes the product to “bleed”.

We are not afraid to say that it is the best preparation of this type on the market.

The use of a new technology of raw materials ensures easy application,

instant action on impurities and high viscosity. This means that the product

stays on the cleaned surface for a long time, does not run off it,

thanks to which it penetrates the dirt longer and removes it more effectively.

Appropriate ingredients for penetrating and helating dirt make the preparation

penetrate the surface dirt faster, thanks to which it reaches metallic dirt faster.

This allows the product to react faster and thus the time needed to remove metallic impurities.

Product features:

Safe for paintwork
instant action
bleeding effect
Directions for use:

Spread the product thoroughly over each element
wait for about 2-3 minutes
rinse under pressure
The product can not be used on a hot surface, used in the shade. For items such as glass,

plastic, rubber, chrome or aluminum, check in an inconspicuous area before use.

Use in a well-ventilated area, use protective gloves.

Available capacities:



Additional information

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0.5L, 1L, 5L, 25L


Shiny Garage

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