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Deturner ShampoOnly Neutro

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Deturner ShampoOnly Neutro

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Deturner ShampoOnly – Neutro

Deturner Shampoo ONLY – is a concentrated, high-performance car wash shampoo.

Its neutral pH makes it safe for any protected surface and will be effective in ongoing care.

Dissolves dirt and removes impurities from the paintwork. Abundant foam, giving a high slip,

minimizes the risk of scratches. It is safe for the skin of the hands.

How to use:

Remove dirt with active foam.
Prepare 25 ml of shampoo for 10 liters of water and foam the solution with a strong stream of water.
Wash the car using a suitable glove. We suggest the two-bucket method.
Without drying, rinse the cleaned surfaces and dry with a towel or blower.



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Deturner premium car care


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