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Shiny Garage Carpet Cleaner



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Shiny Garage Carpet Cleaner


Shiny Garage Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner is a product designed for washing by extraction or by hand any textile surfaces

(car upholstery, door panels, velor rugs, carpets, etc.). It can also be used as a stain remover.

The unique formula that penetrates dirt allows you to quickly and effectively penetrate the

fabric and separate dirt from the surface.

versatile (for textiles)
highly penetrating dirt
pH: 10.5 (in concentrate)


Directions for use:

Make sure the surface is cool
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Dilute the product with water.
Spray the dirty surface with an atomizer.
Clean with a microfiber or brush.
Collect the residue with clean microfibre.
Repeat the steps if necessary.
Suggested Dilution:

Stain removal: 100-200 ml of the product in 1L of warm water.
Hand washing: 25-100 ml of the product in 1L of warm water.
Extraction wash: 25-100 ml of the product per 1L of warm water.
ATTENTION! Before use, check the operation of the product in an inconspicuous place for color influence.

Available capacities: 1L, 5L


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1L, 5L


Shiny Garage

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