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Insider – Interior Cleaner 0.5-1L



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Insider – Interior Cleaner 0.5-1L


Shiny Garage Insider Interior Cleaner

Insider Interior Cleaner is an innovative product for cleaning all internal elements.

Provides very good cleaning properties, softens dirt and allows it to be safely removed.

It does not require rinsing and can be applied to any type of surface inside the car.

It has good foaming properties.

safe for various types of surfaces
does not require rinsing
good foaming properties
pH: 8.5

Scent: grapefruit

Directions for use:

Make sure the surface is cool
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Apply the product on the brush / microfiber / brush.
Spread evenly over the surface.
Remove excess product with microfiber.
Do not let it dry.
ATTENTION! You can also use it with the help of a foam gun.

Available capacities: 500ml, 1L


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0.5L, 1L


Shiny Garage

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