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Shiny Garage Pure Black Tire Cleaner



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Shiny Garage Pure Black Tire Cleaner

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Shiny Garage Pure Black Tire Cleaner

Looking for an effective tire cleaner? Look no further than Pure Black Tire Cleaner concentrate!

This specialized product is designed to clean tires and rubber elements and comes in a concentrated formula.

Thanks to its powerful surfactants, this cleaner can penetrate dirt and grime, leaving your surfaces spotless and free of grease.

Plus, it contains compounds that can help regenerate rubber, restoring your tires and rubber elements to their original colour.

And if you need to dilute the product, that’s easy to do too.

Give Pure Black Tire Cleaner concentrate a try and see the difference for yourself!

easy application
effective operation
possibility of dilution (up to 5L of product from 1L of concentrate)
degreasing the surface
Smell: none

Directions for use:

Make sure the surface is cool
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Dilute in the proportion 1: 1-1: 5 depending on the degree of soiling.
Moisten the surface to be cleaned.
Apply the product with an atomizer.
Leave for about 60 seconds.
Spread the product with a brush or brush.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
Available capacities: 1L, 5L


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1L, 5L


Shiny Garage

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