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Deturner Wheels & Tire Cleaner

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Deturner Wheels & Tire Cleaner

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Deturner Wheels & Tire Cleaner

Expert Line

An alkaline product for cleaning rims and rubber surfaces such as tires,

seals and rubber mats. It easily removes old dressings as well as deep

and difficult dirt from tires, preparing the surface for the application of new protection.

The cleaning power has been balanced between deep cleaning and safety

for the surface being cleaned. It can also be used as an agent for the current

washing of rims. It does not affect the ceramic coating that the rims are covered with.


How to use :

Apply the agent to the previously moistened and rinsed surface and work it out with a brush.
Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary.
Use protective gloves and do not leave them to dry.
You can also skip rinsing and start the Tire & Wheel Cleaner

application right away if there is not a lot of loose dirt, such as sand and mud, on the rim.



Additional information

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0.5L, 1L, 5L



Deturner premium car care


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