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Tenzi Neutral Magic Foam Pink 5L


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Tenzi Neutral Magic Foam Pink 5L

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Tenzi Neutral Magic Foam Pink

Neutral Magic Pink Foam is a highly concentrated, neutral, thick foam that is harmless to car surfaces.
Product has been designed to provide safe and effective method of washing vehicles strengthened

by wax, quartz or ceramic coatings.
Unique and intense cherry aroma will make the whole washing process more enjoyable.

– Passenger cars

Depending on the level of the contamination, spread the product with the sprinkler or foam lance.
Working solution 1-5% (100-500 ml / 10 l of water).
In case of manual cleaning, spread the solution with sponge.
Before using it, you need to wash down the car from sand particles which may scratch the surface.
After cleaning, wash down the car with highly pressured, demineralized water.




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