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Shiny Garage engine Red Devil Degreaser



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Shiny Garage engine Red Devil Degreaser

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Shiny Garage engine Red Devil Degreaser

Red Devil Degreaser is a versatile product for removing heavy dirt

(such as grease, dirt, insects, and road debris) from the engine compartment.

Moisturizing and chelating ingredients help remove dirt from the surface,

and active substances perfectly degrease it. Thanks to nanotechnology,

the preparation leaves a protective layer on the cleaned elements,

which prevents dirt from sticking again.

high efficiency
safety for various types of surfaces
corrosion inhibitors
pH: Alkaline

Scent: none

How to use :

Make sure the surface is cool
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Dilute 10-200 ml of the product in 1L of warm water (depending on the degree of soiling).
Spread it over the surface with a sprayer and leave it for about 60 seconds.
Start cleaning/brushing.
Rinse the surface.
Available capacities: 1L, 5L


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1L, 5L


Shiny Garage

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