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Deturner Wet Coat

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Deturner Wet Coat

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Deturner 04 Wet Coat

A coating with an immediate hydrophobic effect is applied to clean and wet paintwork to protect and improve gloss.

Increases the hydrophobic properties of coatings, waxes or acts as a stand-alone protection. The surface becomes slippery,

making drying more pleasant and faster. You can easily protect rims, paint and plastics. It is a good choice for people

who do not have time for waxing and for professionals who want to quickly add gloss and improve the hydrophobicity of the surface.

How to use :

Wash and rinse the car thoroughly.
Apply the product directly to a wet car.
Rinse the car thoroughly with clean water under pressure.
Do not apply in the sun and do not allow it to dry.



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Deturner premium car care


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