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Deturner Ceramic Shampoo

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Deturner Ceramic Shampoo

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Deturner Ceramic Shampoo

Innovative shampoo with the addition of SiO2 particles, ideal for the care of cars protected with ceramic coatings.

The high content of SiO2 creates an instant water-repellent layer on surfaces such as paintwork, rims, glass and plastic.

The product has a neutral pH and gives the effect of amazing slippery while washing, ensuring appropriate cleaning properties.

It is the easiest and fastest way to protect the varnish during washing.

It can also be used on waxes or sealants to increase their shine and durability.

How to use:

Soften the dirt with active foam.

Prepare the shampoo according to the right concentration:

washing the protected varnish – pour 25 ml of shampoo into a 10 l bucket of water.
strengthening hydrophobicity – pour 50ml of shampoo into a 10l bucket of water.
obtaining a hydrophobic effect – pour 100ml of shampoo into a 10l bucket of water, additionally,

after washing, you can apply a few drops of clean shampoo to wet washing gloves and spread over the varnish.
Wash the surfaces with the prepared solution and a glove.

Rinse thoroughly with water under pressure and dry with a towel or blower.


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Deturner premium car care


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