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Shiny Garage – Drop Off


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Shiny Garage – Drop Off

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Shiny Garage Drop Off 150 ml

The invisible Drop Off doormat is a hydrophobic protective coating to protect the windows.

It stays on the windscreen for up to 6 months, on the side windows up to 12 months when applying two layers.

safe composition
easy application
very high efficiency (5-8ml for the windshield)
effective operation from 50 km / h
strong water-repellent properties
Directions for use:

Make sure the surface is cool
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Thoroughly wash and dry the car.
Prepare the surface with Glass Polish Pro.
Degrease the surface with the Scan Inspection Spray.
Moisten the microfiber applicator or cotton pad.
Spread the product over the surface and leave it for 3-8 minutes.
Polish the Smear Free Glass Cloth.
After 1 hour, apply a second layer.
Avoid contact with water for 6 hours after the last application.
Available capacity: 150ml



Shiny Garage

shiny garage - professional auto detailing


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