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Deturner Interior Ready Cleaner

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Deturner Interior Ready Cleaner


Deturner Interior Ready Cleaner

A ready and efficient preparation for cleaning interior elements such as plastic, vinyl, upholstery and even leather.

It has antibacterial properties. Its neutral pH and no harmful substances make it safe for all surfaces.

It will allow you to clean dirt, dust, grease and residues of impregnating preparations in one pass of microfibers.

You can use a brush or brush to remove stubborn dirt. Prepares surfaces for dressings.

It has a pleasant, delicate fragrance that does not choke.

How to use:

  1. Spray the finished product onto the microfiber.
  2. When cleaning coarse dirt, use a brush.
  3. Wipe the surface with the dry side of the microfiber.
  4. In case of not obtaining satisfactory results, repeat.


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Deturner premium car care


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