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Deturner interior set


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Deturner interior set

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Deturner interior set

Car interior cleaning and impregnation kit with accessories.

Ready Interior Cleaner

Efficient preparation for cleaning interior elements such as plastic,

vinyl, upholstery and even leather. It has antibacterial properties. Neutral pH

and no harmful substances make it safe for all surfaces. It will allow you to clean

dirt, dust, grease and residues of impregnating preparations in one pass of

microfibers. You can use a brush or brush to remove stubborn dirt. Prepares

surfaces for dressings. It has a pleasant, delicate fragrance that does not choke.

Interior Dressing

Nourishes all surfaces inside the car, such as plastic, vinyl and rubber. It’s main

the task is to enhance the colour and impregnated plastic elements. It does not

contain solvents, and the formula is based on natural ingredients, thanks to

which all surfaces regain their former hydration and colour, leaving a satin effect.

Thanks to UV filters, it creates a protective and antistatic layer, reducing the

adhesion of dirt. It leaves a pleasant smell inside.




Deturner premium car care


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