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Fresso Car Fragrances Gift Box



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Fresso Car Fragrances Gift Box


Fresso Car Fragrances Gift Box

Fresso perfume

Fresso perfume is an impressive fragrance that offers a deep and expressive scent.

The wooden cap adds a unique and elegant touch to the overall design.

The formula used to create Fresso fragrances is the result of the hard

work of exceptional specialists who have used unique and valuable ingredients.

The 50 ml bottle delivers excellent efficiency.

A subtle scent can be obtained after applying five doses of the perfume,

which can last for several days in your car.


Fresso Car Fragrances Wooden Hanger

The unique composition is based on valuable and strongly concentrated ingredients.

As a result, the subtle fragrance lasts for up to 31 days.

The Fresso hangers release sensual fragrance notes in a continuous and controlled manner,

eliminating sudden and too-intense scent discharge.

This is why the scent remains constant for almost the entire period of the hanger’s use.


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

Dark Delight, Gentleman, Magnetic Style, Paradise Spark, Pure Passion, Signature Man, Snow Pearl, Sugar Love




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