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Enzyme Microfiber Wash



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Enzyme Microfiber Wash


Enzyme Microfiber Wash

Enzyme Microfiber Wash is a preparation for washing microfiber and applicators.

The combination of enzymes and chelating agents is responsible for detaching dir

t from the material. Contains water softening ingredients as well as natural and

synthetic detergents. It effectively decomposes as much as 95% of impurities,

including the hard-to-remove residues of waxes and polishing pastes.

Restores absorbency and softness to washed accessories.

very efficient
restores absorbency and softness
pH: neutral

Scent :Fruit

Directions for use:

Use 50 ml per wash (5 kg).
In case of heavy soiling, pour 50 ml of the product into

1 L of warm water and soak the cloths for about 1 hour.
Machine wash at 40-60 degrees Celsius.
Available : 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L


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0.5L, 1L, 5L


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