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Tenzi white active foam TF 25L 1-500


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Tenzi white active foam TF 25L 1-500

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Tenzi white foam

TF 25L 1-500

Highly concentrated, active washing foam designed for all car surfaces.

Product removes traffic film and road grime. It is safe for expensive delicate car body trim.

It contains water softening compounds which gives quick hydration.

Recommended for all types of car washes with an automatic dosing system as well as snow foam lance.


cars, vans, off-road vehicles, motorbikes


Set concentration on the dosing from 0.2-0.5% (1: 500-1: 200) Apply and thoroughly spread foam over entire surface of vehicle.

After a while (1-2 minutes), rinse off dirt with cold  running water under pressure (specified by the car wash program).

Note: Softened water is used in foam cleaning  systems. Using warm water improves cleaning quality.

Product can be used both for initial spraying and for main washing, it depends on the type of car wash and washing program




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