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Shiny Garage 2 IN 1 Shampoo & Foam



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Shiny Garage 2 IN 1 Shampoo & Foam

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Shiny Garage 2 IN 1 Shampoo & Foam

Double-acid shampoo and foam for the first market of 2-in-1 products,

preserve varnishes protected with ceramic coatings.

It combines the properties of an acid shampoo and an acid active foam.

It saves time and workflow. The highest quality of materials and elimination allow the

removal of deposits from the surface and unclogging of the mineral varnish.

It can be used as an acidic active piano for practicing.

super efficient (20-50ml per 10L of water)
provides unprecedented glide and foam
It has the properties of a shampoo and active foam
pH: 5.5 (in concentrate)

Scent: fresh washing

Directions for use:

Make the surface cool
Do not apply in the sun

Dilute 100ml of the product in 1L of water.
Apply the products with the PA piano and leave for 3-5 minutes.
Rinse with water under.

Day-to-day care: dilute 20-50 ml of the product in 10L of water.
The method of heavier dirt: dilute 50-100 ml of the product in 5L of water.
Available in capacities: 1L, 5L


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1L, 5L


Shiny Garage

shiny garage - professional auto detailing


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