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Deturner Shampoo Sprayer 500ml


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Deturner Shampoo Sprayer 500ml

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Deturner Shampoo Sprayer 500ml

Shampoo Sprayer

A breakthrough in car care, the shampoo is automatically mixed in the sprayer connected to the water.

Spraying effectively removes all dirt, and the obtained foam gives a high slip when washing with the glove,

eliminating the formation of scratches. All these features contribute to the simplicity and pleasure of use.

The shampoo has a neutral pH and is used for regular care and leaves intact various types of paint protection.

Leaves a perfect finish without streaks and stains.

How to use:

  1. Connect the hose with the water source to the sprayer.
  2. Unlock and turn the valve knob to spray.
  3. Spray the shampoo on the car, close the valve and start the proper washing, avoid exposure to sunlight.
  4. After washing, rinse thoroughly with water and dry the car body.




Deturner premium car care


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