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RLS – Liquid ceramic coating reloader

It’s a perfect solution for demanding users.
Average durability: 3 months


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RLS – Liquid ceramic coating reloader


RLS – Liquid ceramic coating reloader

Technologically advanced product for renovation of quartz coatings.
It gives phenomenal slickness and hydrophobicity within minutes.
Applied on dry surfaces can become a great protection for paint and glass surfaces.

How to apply the product:
1. Shake bottle well before using.
2. Spray evenly onto clean and dry surface.
3. Buff with microfiber towel to a high gloss.

It is good to know that:
Remember to degrease the surface when RLS is applied as the only coating.

Use RLS when you want quickly reload the ceramic coating.
RLS can be used also on glass surfaces (except the windshield)

What you need to know:
1. Use thin rubber protective gloves.
2. Apply indoor only with temperature of 18-24 C.
3. Make sure the surface is dry, clean and cool.


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