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Deturner Finish Quick Detailer

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Deturner Finish Quick Detailer

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Deturner Finish Quick Detailer

Basic car paint care product. Working with it is pleasant and easy

because works very well and the excess evaporates on its own. As a result,

it easily copes with demanding varnishes. Removes traces of hard water

and is an ideal product for people who want to save time and enjoy a high

effect that improves the appearance and gloss of the varnish.

The preparation gives a great slippery effect and quick drainage of water.

How to use:

Apply on clean varnish, avoiding strong sunlight.

Apply the product on the microfiber or directly on the varnish.

When spreading, the product works out in its entirety and evaporates,

to be sure, you can rub the surfaces with the dry side of the microfiber.


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Deturner premium car care


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