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Shiny Garage Ceramic Foam 500ml


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Shiny Garage Ceramic Foam 500ml

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Shiny Garage Ceramic Foam

Ceramic foam for innovative / glass tools painted / plastic surfaces in the form of foam.

The fastest and easiest way to do it right after washing. High SiO2 content guaranteed,

immediate and powerful hydrophobic effect on the surface.

durability up to 20 washes
good effectiveness
very good water-repellent properties
The first application
pH: 7

Scent: none

Directions for use:

Make the surface cool
Do not apply in harsh sun
Thoroughly wash and car.
100 ml (first application) or 25-50 ml of foam (to maintain the stop, dilute with 400 ml of water).
Apply on the PA foam gun.
Rinse with water under and dry.
Available capacities: 500ml

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Shiny Garage

shiny garage - professional auto detailing


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