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Deturner Tar & Glue remover

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Deturner Tar & Glue remover

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Deturner Expert Line Tar & Glue remover

Strong and slow evaporating preparation for removing tar, glue and resin. Can remove heavy dirt.

We recommend spot application, it is best to apply with a microfiber and immediately collect impurities.

Ideal for cleaning the paint before polishing and applying it for protection.


How to use :

The surface to be cleaned must be washed and dried beforehand.
Spread the preparation on the cleaned surface, wait about a minute and wipe with a microfiber.
You can apply it directly to the surface when the product will not come into contact with elements

that are not resistant to it, leave it for 5-10 minutes.
Rinse with water under pressure and wash the car.
You can also spray the car before washing it while it is still dry.

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